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2 hours of miniDV/Digital8/S-VHS/Hi-8 video transfered onto DVD, only $24.99
Others will convert for less price, but they will put auto chapters on random places, but we will create chapter at the start of each new event, so that you can hit either "Next" or "Previous" to find your scene.
Watch a slide show of your photos on your DVD $24.99

1 hour HDV transfered to AVCHD disc for playback, only $29.99(details)
Video File size Reduction, starting at $19.99
2.5/5.25 inch Floppy Disk conversion, starting at $5

MEDIACONVERT is premiere service provider of all of your media, with over 8 years of video conversion experience and state of the art duplication gear. From Photo/Negative scanning and video capture in MPG format, we provide full service. Other services include JPG to Photo printing, AVI-> MPG, preserving your old video tapes by converting crucial footage onto DVD/CD.

VIDEO TO DVD: Watch your miniDV/Digital8/S-VHS/Hi-8 video tape footage in DVD format for upto two hours on virtually DVD Player. Ever worry about losing valuable footage due to tape aging? Most people don't know that video tapes are not long lasting and the video tape looses its clarity & color over the years. Just take out your oldest VHS and try to play it! Wedding, 1st birthday, kindergarten graduation, school dance, 1st game...Preserve these precious moments before they are lost forever.($24.99 with chapters for each event). Most providers will not create chapters for each event, that means you will end up searching the start of the event using rewind and forward buttons on DVD remote (...just like you wouls for VHS video tape!) (details)

HDV VIDEO TO AVCHD Disc: Watch your Hi-Def footage from your miniDV-HDV video tape on your Bly-ray player in wide screen 1080p, when converted to AVCHD Disc. This AVCHD Disc could be played back on all newer Bly-ray Players and on almost all computer DVD-ROM drives with H.264 decoders. Each AVCHD Disc holds about 1 hour and 30 minutes of Hi-Def content, at about 13 Mbps. (details)

VIDEO TO CD: We can take your video tape footage and put it onto a CD for upto an hour of smooth video in mpg format that you can even view as a full screen on the monitors of most Mac/PC. This video CD could be distributed to individuals or it could be broadcasted over Company's network for training courses, lectures, corporate messages and important news events. Real Player and G2 formats are also available for easy download from your internet web site. That CD could also created as VideoCD 2.0 format also, which you can play in most DVD players (at VHS quality). Can't afford air time? Mail your commercials and demo on a CD! It's just a matter of popping the CD into a computer and watch it, No more bulky tape! no TV or VCR required ! (details)

VIDEO TO PHOTO: Not only do we extract the video from your video tape, we can also extract the images from your video. The video was running, but no one took a picture? Take one now. In other words we will capture images and convert them into pictures from your video tape and send it to you via e-mail, make prints, or both. We do the new digital IEEE1394 firewire capture too. (details)

NEGATIVE/SLIDE SCANNING: We scan your 35mm negatives and slides. Why don't your scanned images look the same as the actual picture? Maybe it's because they weren't scanned from the original source - a negative! See something on you negative that didn't make it onto the photo? We give you the whole picture. Want to zoom in a little? We can do that too. Send us your negatives/slides and we will put them on a CD for you. (details)

TRANSFERING SCANNED IMAGES ONTO VIDEO CD: Once we have scanned your photos/slides, or if you already have a collection of images on a CD, we can put those images on a video CD. That video CD can be played back on almost any DVD player and you will enjoy watching those on your TV screen at DVD resolution. You will have a freedom of skipping to next image by pressing a button on your DVD remote control. Each group of your photos will be arranged under a separate slide show, selectable on the menu screen. Each photo will appear for 10 seconds on the TV screen and then it will advance to next photo.( details)

TRANSFERING SCANNED IMAGES ONTO VIDEO TAPE: We put scanned jpg/gif onto a video tape. If you have a collection of images on a CD, we can put those images on a VHS/S-VHS tape. For example if you have images on CD and someone wants to see those images but don't have a computer, you can just send that photo tape to that person and then its just a matter of playing that video tape in a VCR ! each photo will run for 15 second on the TV screen.( details)

PHOTO PRINTS FROM IMAGES: We print the images you already have on your computer or CD. I know you get these email attachments of images from your family/friends but you have not been able to print those out because you don't have the original negative to make prints. OK, just send us those images and we will print those on a high resolution photo paper. These photo prints will not look the same as the actual photo because photo print always needs the original negative/slide. But our photo print doesn't look really bad at all. And of course, if you have the actual negative/slide, then I would advise you to take those to your closest photo lab to get the best results.(details)

PAL <--> NTSC CONVERSION: We convert video tapes between PAL/NTSC TV standards. If you have a PAL video tape (from Europe or Asia or Middle East) that won't play in your VCR. We will convert that foreign tape into USA standard which is called NTSC . And the process could be reversed too, ie we also convert NTSC to PAL.(details)

CONVERSION BETWEEN VIDEO FORMATS: We convert video tapes between different formats. If you have a video tape in the formats: VHS, S-VHS, miniDV, 8mm, Hi8, Digital8, we can copy it to other formats. For example we convert your aging VHS tapes to new miniDV or Digital8 format to stop the aging process. We don't handle old format 8mm/Super8 film.(details)

We specialize in CD ROM authoring, Video Capture, High Resolution Scanning, Photo Prints and PAL<->NTSC conversion. Our conversion service rates include the cost of a high quality CDs, Video Tapes and high quality Photo Paper with respect to your order. We encourage you to contact us before mailing any material. This way we can give your order the proper customization that we provide to every order.(details)


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